Air Flow Meters / Air Quality Meters / Anemometers
Battery Testers
Bench top Research & Development and Science Test Kits
Borescopes / Video Inspection Cameras
Breathalyzers / Breath Alcohol Testing
Circuit Identifiers and Cable Tracers
Clamp Meters
Coherent Optical Products
Decade Boxes – Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance
Distance Meters
Earth/Ground Resistance Testers
Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMF) / Magnetic Field Meters
Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Solutions
E-Mobility – Calibration of Electricity Meters applied in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
Fire Fighting Cameras
Fixed Thermal Cameras
Force Gauges
Frequency Counters
Furnace and Electrical Inspection Cameras
Gas Detection Cameras
Gas Detectors / Leak Detectors
Handheld Thermal Cameras
Heat Index Meters
High Performance Research & Development and Science Cameras
High Speed Research & Development and Science Data Recorders
Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera
Infrared Thermometers
Infrared Windows
Insulation Testers / Megohmeters / Continuity Testers
LCR Meters
Light Meters
Loggers / Power Quality Analyzers
Milliohm Meters / Micro-Ohm Meters
Moisture Meters
Multi Function Testers
Oscilloscopes and Probes
Phase Rotation / Motor Rotation Indicators
PID Controllers
Portable Test Equipments for the Measurement and Certifications of Electricity Meters
Pressure Meters / Manometers
Radar Speed Gun
RCD/LOOP Testers
Receptacle Testers and AC Circuit Analyzers
Research and In-house PCB Prototyping
SCS Parameter Analyzers / Analyzers
Semiconductor Test Systems
Sensitive and Speciality Instruments
Signal Generators / Waveform Generators / Function Generators
Sound Meters / Decibel Meters / Noise Meters
Source and Measure unit / Power Supply
Spectrum Analyzers
Stationery Test Equipments for Measurement and Certification of Electricity Meters
Stopwatches, Timers and Clocks
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick and Place Equipments
Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers / Thermometers / Hygro Thermometers
Testing of High Value Electronic Printed Circuit Boards
Thickness Gauges
Transformer Monitoring / Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Systems
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Vibration Meters
Voltage and Current Testers
Water Quality Meters