acon calibration and instruments trading offers a full range of Laboratory Calibration Services to our customers focused on achieving the highest quality standards. Being a accredited Lab provides the confidence our customers seek in identifying a one stop calibration service that will meet their unique requirements.

Based in QATAR, acit has a certified calibration laboratory providing electrical, pressure and temperature calibration services throughout the whole of QATAR.


Companies with the most stringent quality requirements trust acit to meet their calibration needs. We provide calibrations services for a broad array of disciplines and instruments, allowing you to fulfill your calibration needs from a single, reliable vendor.

  • Digital / Analog Multimeter
  • Clamp Meter
  • Process Meter
  • Loop Calibrator
  • Multifunction Tester
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Loop Impedance Meter
  • RCD Tester
  • Earth Resistance Tester
  • Phase Sequence Tester
  • PAT Tester
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Power Logger
  • Decade Resistance Box
  • Power Supply
  • Photo Tachometer
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Digital Probe Thermometer ( RTD, Thermocouple)
  • Thermal Camera
  • Dry block Calibrator
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Temperature & Humidity Meter
  • Temperature Controller
  • Water Bath
  • Oven / Chiller / Freezer
  • Pneumatic Pressure Gauge
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Transmitter / Switches
  • Pressure Safety Relief Valve
  • Handheld Pressure Calibrator
  • Sounds / Noise Meter
  • Single & Multi Gas detector
  • pH /Conductivity & Chlorine Meters
  • Light / Lux Meter
  • Anemometer
  • Temperature & Humidity Meter
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Transmitter / Switches
  • Pressure Safety Relief Valve
  • Handheld Pressure Calibrator
  • Dimensional (Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Dial Gauge, Height Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Thickness gauge)
  • Calibration Foils
  • Coating Thickness gauge
  • Torque Wrench
  • Weighing Scale
  • Vibration Meter
  • Laser Distance
  • Calibration services for equipment from all test and measurement instrument manufacturers
  • Calibrate instruments ranging from the simplest meter to the most complex multifunction instruments
  • Highest Standards — Our laboratory is equipped with top of the line calibration instruments and is certified to the standards
  • A one-stop shop – Calibrationand New Equipment Sales to manage asset life cycle
We also provide
Gap Analysis Done on site for customer demands on the services the customer should do for working areas to comply with the required specification (ISO, WHO,etc.)
Our Measurement services allow manufacturing processes to be kept in control from one day to the next and from one factory to another.
We follow process such that the components contributing to accurate functioning of the equipment consistently meet the predefined specifications and operational attributes.
Our Instructors are experts who work in variety of calibration solutions, and who really want to help you learn the foundation and techniques of calibration that you can put to immediate use in your workplace.
We offer certificate programs designed to meet specific needs for your industry. Upon completion of the prescribed courses, you receive a Certificate of Completion.