High-Performance Handheld Infrared Camera

Model: T865 24° (Science)

The FLIR T865 infrared camera provides ultimate flexibility and portability for research and science applications, allowing you to collect meaningful thermal data whether the camera is handheld or mounted. With high-performance features including temperature measurements down to -40°C and accuracy as good as ±1°C / ±1%, you’ll get reliable temperature measurements every time. FLIR UltraMax® and MSX® (Multi-spectral Dynamic Imaging) provide exceptional image quality and measurement capabilities. The optional Macro Mode allows you to quickly switch from wide angle to close-up analysis without changing the lens. Robust on-board analysis and the ability to record fully radiometric movie files to a removable SD card allow users to save thermal data in nearly any environment, or expand your data analysis capabilities with powerful FLIR Research Studio software. With a streamlined, intuitive user interface and unique feature set, users at all levels can effortlessly record and evaluate thermal data from multiple FLIR cameras and recorded sources simultaneously.