Today’s analog and power semiconductor technologies, including GaN and SiC, require parametric testing that maximizes measurement performance, supports a wide product mix, and minimizes the cost of test. For over 40 years, Keithley has answered these and other important challenges in critical applications such as Process Integration, Process Control Monitoring, Production Die Sort (e.g. Wafer Acceptance or Known Good Die Testing), and Reliability.

Keithley’s S530 Series Parametric Test Systems with KTE 7 Software offer high-speed, fully flexible configurations that can grow as new applications emerge and requirements change. The S530 accommodates testing up to 200 V, and the S530-HV enables testing up to 1100 V on any pin, boosting throughput up to 50% over competitive solutions. New for KTE 7 is an optional system Testhead that enables direct docking to a prober and legacy probe card re-use, system-level ISO-17025 calibration-to-the-pin that supports the requirements of automotive standard IATF-16949, and the easiest, smoothest migration path from legacy S600 and S400 systems with full data correlation and speed improvements.

The 540 Parametric Test System is a fully-automated, 48 pin parametric test system for wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV. Optimized for use with the latest compound power semiconductor materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), the fully integrated S540 can perform all high voltage, low voltage, and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down.

S500 Integrated Test Systems are highly configurable, instrument-based systems for semiconductor characterization at the device, wafer, or cassette level. Built on our proven instrumentation, S500 Integrated Test Systems provide innovative measurement features and system flexibility, scalable to your needs. The unique measurement capability, combined with the powerful and flexible Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software, provides a comprehensive range of applications and features not offered on other comparable systems on the market.