SignalVu-PC is the foundation of RF and vector signal analysis software that helps you easily validate RF designs. Whether your design validation needs include EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, wideband radar, wireless LAN or frequency-hopping communications, the SignalVu-PC comprehensive suite of tools and application software can speed your time-to-insight by showing you the time-variant behavior of these signals.

SignalVu-PC’s free base version has 17 signal analysis and real-time spectrum analysis, with paid add on options for EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing and de-bugging, vector signal analysis, pulsed signal analysis, and commercial wireless signal analysis.

Key Features:

  • Analyzes waveforms acquired by Tektronix real-time signal analyzers and oscilloscopes
  • Analyze without acquisition hardware present
  • Analyze wideband designs
  • Extensive signal analysis for numerous applications, including: Wideband radar and pulsed RF signals, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Commercial Wireless, EMC/EMI pre-compliance testing and debugging, and many more