When combined with the signal recording capabilities of the full line of Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum (Signal) Analyzers, DataVu-PC can turn hours of attended monitoring into fast post-acquisition search, mark, and measurement tasks. Analyze your results without adding the extra step of conversion software.

DataVu-PC analysis software is specifically designed for record and playback applications and makes short work of searching through large datasets for any signal of interest. You can use triggers to start recording, minimize storage requirements using windowing, and automate your signal search with tools like frequency mask, pulse descriptor words and smart markets.

DataVu-PC software can also be used to perform dual band monitoring. For example, when coupled with two RSA instruments, users can record, playback and examine two independent frequencies and spans simultaneously. For example, if you’re searching for a specific signal, you can see a very wide bandwidth in one display, to quickly determine, for instance, what frequency the interfering signal is at, while also zooming in to see narrowband signals in real-time on another display, to get a better look at the signal of interest while continuing to monitor the other bands of interest. It provides the ability to record and playback two RF channels simultaneously and apply time offset when necessary.

  • Advanced record and playback software for use with Tektronix RSAs
  • Supports up to 2 instruments or independent files simultaneously
  • Search based on signal amplitude characteristics, marking each event occurrence for later examination
  • Make an unlimited number of Scalar pulse measurements with the eMarker application and export the results in Pulse Descriptor Word format for integration into other workflows.
  • Export results to in-depth analysis packages like SignalVu-PC from within DataVu-PC – without any additional conversion software.