Integrate noise monitoring into your data logging system and start measuring your impact on noise pollution

The MK440 Environmental Noise Monitor is a compact, light and easy-to-deploy noise monitoring instrument, perfect for measuring and monitoring environmental noise.

Built on the technology of the MK427 NoiseSensor, the MK440 can be integrated into an existing PLC data logging and monitoring system with relative ease, eliminating the need for a lengthy and complicated set up procedure. Unlike conventional sound level meters (like the Optimus+ Green), the MK:440 Environmental Noise Monitor converts the noise level (decibels), into an industry-standard 4-20mA output, which can be connected to a standard DCS/SCADA-based PLC system, allowing you to add noise measurement capability to an already-established system.

With no dials, controls or displays, the MK440 is incredibly easy to install and use. Once in place and connected to your system, place an acoustic calibrator on the microphone to calibrate the monitor and apply the noise level to current conversion to the control system to enable noise levels to be measured in decibels. You won’t have to spend time learning how to use a whole new piece of equipment – simply plug it in, and the MK:440 Environmental Noise Monitor will start working.